Cantina Mingazzini was established in 1964 by the brothers Nerio, Vittorio and Sergio Mingazzini in a small facility near the current production plant. Their entrepreneurial spirit, combined with the flexibility in production and the high quality of the wines, allowed the company to grow its business beyond the local borders, succeeding in the competitive wine market at both national and international level.


In order to meet the customers' needs, the Cantina Mingazzini has been one of the first local wine producers to adopt special production technology. It was the first company in the district of Bologna and one of the first in the region to produce its sparkling wines with the controlled-temperature autoclave method.

After a careful oenological analysis, our wines are bottled and warehoused directly in the plant, ready for delivery to our customers.


Cutting-edge technology

To keep our wine quality high, we purchase our wines from the best wine farmers, after a careful analysis of their oenological and organoleptic properties.

With a wide range of suppliers, high quality is also guaranteed particularly in bad vintages: unlike farms in general, we are not compelled to use our grapes for winemaking, even in case of problems caused by moulds, parasites or bad weather.

Constant high quality

Cantina Mingazzini can even supply its customers in a very short time either by its own trucks or by express delivery service both all over Italy and abroad.

Home delivery service